1. Are you insured to work on my vehicle?

Yes we are fully Insured and have a fully comprehensive public liability Insurance and Trade vehicle Insurance in case we have to move vehicles at the customer’s discretion.

2. Can I use my vehicle after my wheels are complete?
Yes you can drive your vehicle after completion. However, we would not recommend you washing your alloys or using any chemicals that can damage the lacquer for at least 7 days. This is to alloy the lacquer to fully cure.

3. Can my wheels be repaired?
Most wheels can be repaired, but there are occasions where a wheel/alloy will be turned away if beyond a repairable condition. Send us some photos and we will take a look for you.

4. How can you offer a mobile service for Diamond Cut wheels?
  • We drive to you.
  • The wheels are removed from the vehicle.
  • The tyres are removed from the wheels.
  • The wheels are assessed for damage.
Repair & Refurbish
  • The damage is repaired using our state of the art CNC Lathe.
  • If required, your wheels are covered in a primer to prevent corrosion.
  • If required, the exact colour of the alloy is identified and then they are re-painted to match the original colour.
  • The alloys are sprayed with a clear lacquer.
  • We then use the infra-red light system until the lacquer is dry.
  • Your tyres are fitted and re-inflated to manufacturers specifications.
  • The wheels are fitted to your car then the wheel nuts are tightened to the recommended level.
  • We then perform a thorough final inspection to ensure the alloy is as new.
5. How Long will it take to repair my wheels?
This will depend on how many wheels are refurbished and how bad the damage is to the alloys. 

Terms & Conditions

1. All vehicles must be covered by your personal insurance whilst left with us (Pro Alloys Wales).

2. We offer a professional service at Pro Alloys Wales and we will do our utmost to meet the 'target time' we set when alloy wheels are being booked in for refurbishment. However, a 'target time' is just that. Pro Alloys Wales accepts no responsibility for unforeseen delays within the process.

2.5 All wheel repairs come with a 3 Month Warranty for paint defects, however will will not cover new damage or failiure to follow care instructions.

Removing and refitting wheels and tyres

3. We do not accept responsibility for damage to the valve or sensors within a tyre pressuring monitoring system where the valve has become damaged, corroded or fused. It is the owner's responsibility to let us know if such a tyre pressure monitoring system is in place.

4. All vehicles on which work is being carried out will need to have locking wheel nuts and O.E.M toolkits available and accessible at all times while work is being done. If our Technician arrives on site and finds this not available then Pro Alloys Wales Reserves the right to apply a £50.00 cancelation fee regardless of any potential re-booking. It is the clients sole responsibility to ensure that the wheel nuts are free and able to be removed if this should not be the case then this will be classed as a late client cancellation and the relevant 50% total work value fee may be charged.

5. Pro Alloys Wales will ensure that whenever a wheel has been taken off the car, all wheel bolts will be torqued correctly to manufacturers guidelines using appropriate tools. It is the customer's responsibility for checking the wheel bolts post refurbishment and at regular intervals as car maintenance.

6. We will ensure that the tyres are inflated to the correct tyre pressure, this varies on different vehicles. It is the customer's responsibility to check the tyre pressures post refurbishment and then again at regular intervals as general car maintenance.

7. Pro Alloys Wales is not responsible for resetting any vehicle systems used for monitoring tyre pressures. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for instructions on how to recalibrate them to your vehicle.


8. The price which is agreed when placing your booking is not a set price, this is just a quote. If the wheels have been viewed by a member of staff and they believe the wheel is in worse condition than quoted, the price is likely to be higher. Customers will be notified of this before work is carried out and before any additional work is completed.

Corrosion and other surface imperfections

9. Corrosion removes metal from the surface of the wheel. The longer corrosion is allowed to progress, the deeper the pitting. While applying new coatings may mask a degree of the surface degradation of the wheel, it cannot restore the pitted metal surface. Wheels that have been allowed to corrode will not therefore ever be restored to an as-new finish. The deeper the corrosion, the more this will be visible in the refinished wheel. Should corrosion deep then Pro Alloys Wales may suggest and alternative to Diamond Cutting, this will generally be due to deep seated corrosion which can unfortunately come back after being cut. If the Client does not wish to take this advice and the corrosion returns Pro Alloys Wales will take no responsibility for this.

10. Pro Alloys Wales aim to refurbish all wheels to the best of our ability but cannot be responsible for unforeseen issues such as poor casting, hidden cracks or excessive corrosion. These issues may only become apparent during the repair process after the existing coating has been removed. If the Technician does not feel that a cosmetically acceptable or safe end result can be achieved, the customer will be contacted immediately to discuss options before any further work is undertaken.

11. Wheel refurbishment is just that, it is not a new wheel – on occasion a ‘used’ alloy will not look 100% perfect after its refurbishment. We ask all customers to appreciate the work done and the quality of finish for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel.

12. We will ensure that all wheels will be refurbished to the best we possibly can but we cannot be held responsible for excessive corrosion, or if the alloy has a malformed casting. These problems are not apparent at first and will only become visible when the old finish is removed. Other problems include:​​​​​​

13. The wheels/locking nut/bolts/studs having been incorrectly maintained or modified.

14. Any previous service or repairs which have not been properly carried out may affect our ability to achieve the desired finish, it is a customers responsibility to declare if he/she has any knowledge or can see any evidence of previous repair. Pro Alloys Wales will not offer any warranty or guarantee of final finish on wheels that have been previously repaired as we cannot guarantee the quality of these previous works.

Finish 'matching' and approximation

15. With sprayed paints a ‘perfect’ finish match is an impossibility due to the fact that there are so many environmental factors that can affect the colour & surface finish. The only way to guarantee an imperceptible finish difference across multiple wheels is to have them all repainted simultaneously. We will only be responsible for a perceived difference between wheels we have been authorised to refinish on the same repair occasion.

16. While we may assist with advice on finish selection, the responsibility for selecting the finish to be applied to a wheel is the customer’s. If the customer requests us to make a judgment call on the best available approximation on their behalf and we exercise proper care in doing so, we will have fulfilled our obligations under the repair agreement despite the existence of any perceived difference. If Pro Alloys Wales Suggest a different service to a customer and He/She decides against our advice the the customer takes full responsibility for the outcome of any work.

17. Customers should be aware that certain high gloss finishes show blemishes more readily. We cannot guarantee to make your wheels perfect but will ensure they are significantly improved. We will do our very best to achieve the best finish possible in any set of circumstances however customers must be aware that minor imperfections such as dust inclusions, small runs, fish eyes, small spots etc may be evident.

18. Please note painted / diamond cut wheels that are repaired using the mobile service are a cosmetic repair to the front face of the wheel only. If the customer wishes for the inner part of the wheel to be repaired there will be an additional charge and this information must be provided at the time of booking.

19. Any wheels treated by us should not be Jet-washed for 7 days after treatment, Pro Alloys Wales will not be held responsible for damage caused by and not limited to Jet-washing washing this period, impact / driver damage, application of corrosive chemicals. Pro Alloys Wales does not accept responsibility for anything that comes into contact with Freshly repaired wheels within this 7 Day time frame, care should be taken to avoid contact with outside agents from the local environment.

20. Should a Client be unhappy with work, we will ask for photos of the wheels and compare these with the images Pro Alloys Wales will of taken before departing the Clients Location. Should it be necessary for a return visit this will be booked is as soon as possible. Once the return visit is complete and the Client is happy the matter will be considered closed and any extra visits will be chargeable.

Payment, Area & Cancellation Charges

21. 25% Deposit will be applicable to reserve your booking, a digital invoice will be sent to the client via email. This should be settled within 24hrs of making the booking otherwise the appointment may be cancelled. This is a NON REFUNDABLE deposit to secure the clients appointment. Outstanding balances are to be paid by card upon completion of the wheel refurbishment. Payment is accepted by Chip & PIN. Customer’s Vehicles / wheels will not be released until payment is made in full.

22. We ask for at least 24 working (09:00 – 17:00) hours notice for any amendments to a scheduled booking. This includes a change in location, a change in volume of wheels or a cancellation. If for any reason the requested works cannot be carried out when the Pro Alloys Wales team arrive on site an alternative treatment will be offered if this is not acceptable to the customer then this situation shall be classed as a client cancellation. Failure to notify Pro Alloys Wales of any cancellations within the 24 working hours prior to an appointment may result in a 50% total work value cancellation fee being incurred by the client. This will be applied at the discretion of Pro Alloys Wales.

23. Pro Alloys Wales will endeavour to adhere to any estimated repair times given, however cannot be responsible for unforeseen circumstances which may delay an appointment time or repair.

24. As stated on our web page and booking form adequate safe parking for our Long Wheel-Base citreon relay Van and access to 2 x 13amp power outlets no further than 25m from the Van Location. Should our Technician arrive on site and find either of these not available or safe then Pro Alloys Wales reserve the right to apply the above cancellation fee of 50% total work value to the customer regardless of any potential re-booking. To be applied at the discretion of Pro Alloys Wales.

25. Out of Area service - Pro Alloys Wales is a South West Wales based service and reserves the right to apply Fuel and man hour charges to jobs outside of the Pembrokeshire post code area. Customers will be informed of this at time of booking.

26. Clients booking via a Pro Alloys Wales agent using telephone, electronic messaging , email or other means will be deemed to be accepting of the T&C's when the appointment is booked.

27. It is the clients sole responsibility to have acquainted themselves with Pro Alloys Wales T&C's prior to booking their appointment.